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About Us

The first Camp Bakes was hosted in the spring of 2006. Conceived by Mark Baker, the goal was to create a fun, interactive bowing camp for higher average bowlers looking to take their games to the next level. He felt that if he could spend 3-4 days with a relatively small group of bowlers in a productive environment, using BowlersMap on the lanes, creating an informative classroom setting, and bringing in the right mix of coaches, he could really make a difference.

Since the coaches are such a vital part of the success of any camp, Mark strategically utilizes a team of coaches consisting of current and former top professionals, all dedicated to the sport of bowling, and committed to providing a positive, educational experience for all who attend.


The staff of Camp Bakes welcomes testimonial comments from any of our past camps. Please share any personal accomplishments, award scores bowled, or your personal comments by contacting us at Mark@campbakes.com. We will continually update this page with information that we receive from you. Here's what some attendees are saying about Camp Bakes:

I have been bowling for 4 1/2 months now, am very serious about my bowling game, and have high expectations and goals. I was recently introduced to Mark Baker at my bowling center and have been working with him for about a month now. Bowlers constantly ask me how I have improved my game in such a short span; my reply is Mark Baker and "Camp Bakes". I am certain that I will reach all my goals with him as my coach. I have played competitive basketball since I was seven years old. I have had over 50 coaches and have attended over 75 camps and clinics taught by NCAA, over- seas, and NBA Hall-of-Famers. I recently had the opportunity to attend Camp Bakes (May 11-14, 2009 in Las Vegas). I was very enthused to have the opportunity to be taught by the all-star team of coaches that would be attending: Mark Baker, Barry Asher, Tommy Jones, Dave Husted, Kim Terrell, Joe Hutchinson, and Robin Romeo. Needless to say, their resumes speak for themselves. WOW! WOW! WOW! This by far was the BEST camp I have ever attended. I left Vegas as a new bowler. I recently placed 1st in a 4 game scratch tournament (912). I am continuously working with Mark and can't wait until the next Camp Bakes in October. Thanks to all the coaches and to Mark Baker. If you are serious about your bowling game, Mark Baker is the MAN!

Shawn Tamjidi (May 2009)

Hey Mark,

I just wanted to thank you once again for all you have done for me and my bowling game. Everything we worked on has helped and helped in a big way. I recently won the WCST La Habra event and I have you to thank for that and for my increased knowledge of the game. Having Will (Wilson) and Barry Asher (Champions Bowling and Embroidery) drilling my equipment, and you giving me instructions and corrections, I am off to a great start in 2011. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Thank You, Mark!

Mike Rausch

On July 28 2010 @ Westminster Lanes, I shot 256, 214, 300 - 770, MY FIRST 300 GAME!!!
Mark has been my coach for about six or seven years and during that time my knowledge of the swing, footwork, and release has expanded tenfold. The result is: I'm bowling better now at 54 than ever before in my life.

Thank You, Mark!

Rusty Perkins


I just wanted to let you know that I had a great time at the camp. It was an awesome experience and I'm really excited to see how everything carries over into my game this summer. I'm sure I'll keep you updated!

Your coaching definitely picked up on a few things that I never noticed. I always thought I had poor timing and it turned out that my timing is fine. You gave me a few things to work on to improve consistency and accuracy and the other coaches (Chris, Robin, and Kim) were able to give me many tips on how to achieve that. The camp helped boost my confidence a lot as well.

If you ever find your way to NY, be sure to get in touch with us!

Thanks again!

Tom Canino (May 2010)


Just wanted to take a second and say what a really great time I had at camp. The knowledge I gained over the week was incredible. I definitely feel that I came away from camp a much better bowler, both in form and in bowling knowledge. I realize what a huge part of the game timing and consistency is, but also gained a ton of knowledge in regards to lane play and equipment. Since returning from camp I have bowled two league sessions. My first was a PBA experience league where I shot 196, 224, 214 and 232 on the Shark Pattern. The second league session was on a house pattern and I shot a 740 series. I really feel confident in my adjustments as the lane begins to break down. I can play so much further to the left than I have ever played, and I have the confidence to know that I can throw my ball out and, with the proper timing and form, get the ball back to the pocket.

I have told everyone that I know about the camp and what an invaluable experience it is to any bowler who is serious about their game and improving.
I would also like to schedule another coaching session. I have come away from camp with a new commitment to improving my game and a greater enthusiasm for the sport of bowling.

Michael Hain (May 2010)


I wanted to let you know I am finding success on the lanes because of you and your camp. Immediately after attending the Fall 2009 camp I bowled my personal best game and series. Immediately after the Spring 2010 camp, I bowled in a PBA Regional and made it past qualifying, another personal best.

Both were accomplished with the help of you and your coaches, using Ebonite equipment, and remembering the principals taught at camp. My league average is going up, my scores are consistently higher, and I am doing well in local tournaments.

Thanks for all you have done.

Greg Blevins (May 2010)

I recently attended the May 2010 Camp Bakes and am contacting you regarding the experience. This was the 3rd camp I had attended since the camps inception. I also attended the camp in 2006 (the second camp held) and in 2008. The camp was extraordinary and each camp attended was a vast improvement over the previous camp. As a result of Mark's continued improvements of the camp, I plan on future attendance.
Mark Baker's obvious passion for bowling, his ability to articulate his thoughts to his students; to make everyone feel special, and his exemplary coaching style left me speechless. I really enjoyed his approach. He worked to improve the individual bowler's game based on current style and ability, versus trying to fit everyone into the same mold. Mark had a 'World Class' staff with him, and their ability to seamlessly work together was unprecedented.
My humble opinion may mean little to most when it comes down to the assessment of Mark Baker's teaching methods, but no one could argue with the closing statements made by Chris Barnes on the last day of camp. Chris said, "Mark is on the forefront of changing the game and coaching for the next decade." To hear Chris Barnes, who has immense talent and knowledge in the bowling arena, speak so highly of Mark Baker was astounding!
Thank you again,

John Murth (May 2010)


As you know, I recently attended your camp (Oct. 4-8, 2009). My last year book average was 195. Tommy Jones suggested I take the Ebonite Magic Touch and sand it with 2000 grit abralon. I followed his suggestion.

Tonight (Oct. 12th) I shot 247-247-290 for 784 on a house shot with the Magic Touch. 290 is my highest game and 784 is my highest series. I would say camp paid off! Thanks for the help from you and your coaches.

Greg Blevins (Oct. 2009)

I was a 160 avg bowler and I wanted to increase my level of play to 175. In May, my husband signed me up for Camp Bakes. My first thought was "what the heck am I getting myself into"? I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about "not being good enough" to be trained by Mark Baker and his team of professional bowlers. After I arrived, I gladly found the atmosphere to be completely the opposite. Everyone interacted on the same level (including the pros) and the comradare was fantastic. Mark and his team always went out of their way to make everyone feel special throughout the training.

Within the first day of training, I had already received my money's worth. After being video-taped, Mark showed my 5-step approach next to Carolyn Dorin-Ballard's and quickly assessed that my arm swing was one step ahead of hers. After making the adjustment - what a difference! I had more power on the ball, better rotation, and more clarity. Kim Terrell and Robin Romeo helped with my slide, Joe (Hutch) Hutchinson gave me great tips on picking up spares, and Tommy Jones was also terrific!

I had breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the pros and really got to know each of them on a personal level. When the camp was over, I knew I would be remembered. I now hold a consistent 180 average. I recently bowled a 268 to win the league sweeps for women. Last week I bowled a 180, 190, and 201 and hold the women's high scratch game.

I take every opportunity to tell everyone about Camp Bakes, and what a difference it made in my life! In fact, my husband now regrets he signed me up because I am beating him in winning side pots!

Darlene Wright (May 2009)

Mark Baker continues to up the bar and set new standards for excellence with his Camp Bakes program. For several years Mark has been my personal coach and working with him has had a tremendous impact on my game, knowledge and attitude.

His professional all star staff provides a setting and an experience that cannot be duplicated by other clinics. All aspects of the game are addressed and personal attention is given to each and every student. The coaching is intense, yet FUN, and many new friendships result. I have attended Mark's camp three times and look forward to attending yet another. There is always something new to learn in our sport as it is constantly changing and evolving. Mark and Camp Bakes is the best way to improve and remain competitive.

Steve Lindsey. - Oceanside, CA

I went to Mark Baker's first Camp Bakes hoping to become a better bowler. I got way more than I could have ever imagined. The coaches gave me better form and strategies, and Ebonite gave me a better arsenal of equipment. I went from a 195 winter book average to a 205 winter book average across two different bowling centers. I went from no 700's to three (3) 700's, with a couple of 279 games also. The phrase 'Do it again' still rings in my head to this day. Camp Bakes gave me the capacity to throw a good shot after having thrown a bad one and that keeps me scoring and smiling. Thanks to Mark and all those associated with Camp Bakes.

Greg Voorhees - Anaheim, CA


I wanted to take a moment to send you a note about my experience at your 2007 camp. As you know, you tried to convince me to attend for several months before I finally relented. As a senior bowler averaging 205 - 210 in my two leagues, I really had little to gain by attending your camp. After all, I do not bowl weekend tournaments nor do I bowl in regional events. My only possible gain from attending your camp would be to hopefully bowl better in my league play. This was finally the reason that pushed me to attend.

I worried about the number of games that I would have to bowl during the camp, knowing that I was a six games per week bowler! Though you assured me that I could bowl at my own pace, I was having so much fun I think you estimated that I bowled around 55 games in 3 1/2 days! The other thing that worried me prior to attending was that changes might be recommended in my game which would ruin my league play averages once I returned home. Yes, minor changes were suggested; however the number of games bowled made these changes second nature by the time I returned to my league play. Since April, 2007, I have bowled one series under 600. That was a 596 series in a strange house out of state! My average has risen from 203 to 217 (and climbing). I have never averaged this high, and to do it at my age is even more gratifying.

I enjoyed the classroom experience, listening to people who bowled for a living. I enjoyed my time on the lanes and the instruction given. I was able to see the difference in video from day #1 to day #3. But, most of all, I enjoyed the camaraderie and story telling that occurred during our time off the lanes.

I would highly recommend Camp Bakes to any bowler, regardless of age, with an average of 190+ that would like to just bowl better, or participate in local or national events.

Thank you again for the experience of Camp Bakes and for the boost in my league averages!

Roger Harrington - Fountain Valley, CA

My son (age 14) and I attended Camp Bakes in May, 2008 in Henderson, Nevada. I highly recommend the camp for advanced bowlers (men and women alike) as the coaches were helpful, attentive and genuinely concerned about improving your game without starting you over. They don't try to change your entire style but rather work with your current style, making small key recommendations and improvements. We were video taped every day to show each day's improvement. I remember Chris Barnes telling me to hold the ball on my side rather than so much in front. I worked with this and other minor changes for 2 months and on June 18th I bowled my first 300 in practice. This was no lucky 300 but, 12 solid strikes in a row with complete calm. Helping you with your mental games is an important part of the camp's lessons. The cost is very reasonable and Ebonite provided 3 new bowling balls for each bowler.

Thanks very much to Mark Baker and the Camp Bakes Coaches. I was beginning to think 300 was just a dream.

I highly recommend Camp Bakes for anyone wanting to really improve.

Scott and Jacob - Moorpark, CA

Since attending Camp Bakes in October of 2007, I have made the finals of the PBA Regional Players' Invitational, qualifying 2nd overall; advanced to the Round of 64 through the TQR at the PBA ConstructionJobs.com Championship in Reno, NV.; and advance to the Top 24 match play round at the Motel 6 Dick Weber Open in Fountain Valley, eventually finishing 13th with a match play record of 15-9. Camp Bakes has helped me get closer to realizing my full potential...Thanks Camp Bakes!!!

Jon Brandon - PBA Western Region

I just wanted to thank you for an excellent experience. I never had a chance as a kid for anything like this. I came from a single parent family with three kids. Anyways, the camp was great.

All the coaches were fun to work with. The best ones for me were Kim Terrell, Dave Husted, and of course YOU! I want to continue with you and take some lessons every few weeks.

G. Maglaras - San Diego, CA


As you may have heard, Kalyn (Washburn) has sure been lucky lately. On May 11, just days after completing your camp, lightning struck at Glenfair lanes, with Kalyn defeating a strong field of bowlers for her first JBT -Southwest title. First girl to win a Scratch JBT Title in about four years.

Thanks for teaching her how to be so lucky!

S. Washburn - Tucson, AZ

Wow. Where do I begin... Thanks for all of the help at the camp.. Since I have been back from the camp I have shot (4) 300's and 846. One of the 300's was at nationals (where our team finished 15th or 16th)... The 300 I shot at nationals was with the Bite*. The 846, which had a 300 in it, was with the Black Widow Pearl*. The next week I shot another 300 with that same ball! I then got the Vibe in the mail. I threw it in the local mixed city tourney and shot 300 with it there. I also won the all events portion of that tourney as well

S. Lee - Denver, CO

Much, much more fun to bowl now:

  • Donkee - first place
  • ABT - second place
  • 75% cash ratio as compared to like 25% before
  • 20 Pin Average increase, much more consistency
  • 300 game

Z. Weiss - Seal Beach, CA

Thank you Camp Bakes!

First of all, I learned and had so much fun at camp. The coaches are all very knowledgeable and helpful. What is primarily apparent is the passion that each of you have for bowling and the sincere desire to bring the participants' skill levels up several notches. I am very much impressed, hats off to all of you.

Mark, you have foremost gained my respect for being earnestly dedicated to advancing our bowling abilities. Barry said it all - you have a keen eye for noticing even the slightest twitch that could be improved on to transform a good delivery to an excellent one.

The camp has a very good mix of coaches. Some were proponents of proven conventional methods while others brought fresh approaches to tackling some of our bowling challenges. What was critical though is that each of the coaches did not try to impose their personal preferences but worked with our own personal styles.

More power to the Camp Bakes Team. I wish you all continued success! I hope to come back in one of the future sessions.

Arlene - Canada

Dear Mark,

First and foremost I'd like to say thanks to you and all the pros you had available at Camp Bakes. This was one of the most enjoyable times I've had. I was very impressed with the way you structured the classes and the knowledge that the Pros passed on to the students, along with the incredible amount of bowling each day. I certainly learned a lot from this experience. I just hope I don't forget!

Good luck! In the future with this endeavor, I think any bowler who loves the game and wants to improve should attend Camp Bakes.

G. Gosper - Garden Grove, CA

Just wanted to thank you again, I had a great time and learned so much not only from the coaches on the lanes, but also in the classroom. The BowlersMap is a great tool (I never thought I looked that bad). I got back home early enough to bowl my league and had a good set - my low game was 234 and my high game was 288... Again thanks! I had fun - the guys and Kim were great. LOOKING FOWARD TO NEXT YEAR!

M Chase - Modesto, CA

I just want to let you and the coaches at Camp Bakes know what a great time I had. I am so very thankful for the personal attention I received from each of the coaches. My game is going to explode once I can assimilate all that I learned. I am already doing much better. My arm swing was changed, and my foot speed was changed (it is now faster), which has helped me to relax and roll the ball better, resulting in much better pin action and carry. My book average is now 207, and I know it will go much higher in my bowling future, making me a much better competitive bowler in league and tournaments.

I can't say enough good things about the coaches. They were all so helpful in the different aspects of my game, both on the lanes and in the classroom. All of them were so friendly and encouraging. It was hard for me to believe that I was bowling with the great Dave Husted, Kim Terrell, Barry Asher, Robin Romeo and Tommy Jones. At one time or the other I have seen all of these great players bowling on TV, and it was very exciting and meaningful for me when they said "great shot" or gave me a high five!

If someone is looking to take their game to the next level, I couldn't recommend your camp enough. It is so well organized, and the quality of your coaches cannot be matched by any other bowling clinic. Despite working hard, your camp was just plain old fun. I can't remember a more fun time I've had in such a long time. I look forward to my next Camp Bakes!!!

Chuck Blais (May 2009)

I am 67 years old and have been bowling since I joined my first junior league at age 14. Though I have never received "formal" instruction, through reading, observation, and practice, I have managed to average above 200 for the last 30 years, with my highest book average being 216, set just two years ago. I bowl in leagues with friends who constantly average from 225 to 235, and try a I may, I could never get over that "hump" that would allow me to achieve my goal of booking 220+ just once. That is...until last May.

That is when I made the commitment to attend Mark Baker's spring camp in Las Vegas. I went to camp armed with 3 goals in mind: (1) to become a better "long oil" player; (2) to become more consistent with each throw and have a better pin reaction; and (3) to learn to "read" the lanes and how to "set up" my bowling ball for the desired result I'm looking for.

For three and one-half days, under the watchful eye of Mark and his staff of six professionals, I and 29 other students worked on our games, receiving valuable information and lessons both in a classroom setting and actively out on the lanes. Each one of us went home with 3 new bowling balls, a 3-ring binder full of notes and suggestions from our seven instructions to refer to, and our own personal DVD documenting our improvement over the four-day period.

The result of all this? Well, I am happy to report that in the summer version of the league I booked 215 in just that winter, my average zoomed to 228 for 52 games, on basically the same condition. Then, to prove that wasn't a fluke, I am currently averaging 223 for 80 games in this year's winter edition.

The bottom line is this: I feel that because of my attendance at "Camp Bakes", I have improved my game between 5 and 10 pins, depending on the lane condition. I now "read" the lane better, and make quicker changes both with the ball and where I stand as I observe my "break point" and pin reaction...things I did not do or do well prior to going to "Camp Bakes".

Thanks to you and your wonderful staff, Mark for a job well done!! When my bowling friends as me why the sudden improvement in my average this year, I am quick to tell them in detail about my experience at your camp, and its impact on my game. I think that this is something that every bowler who is striving to improve their game should do...at least once!

Terry Brent (May 2008)

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